The Story Behind New York Landing

New York Landing. One of the previous names for Pittsburg as we know it now. New York Landing also known as the “New York of the Pacific”.  The landing had its prestige, however, as a place of call, for all boats plying on the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.  They stopped here while connected with Nortonville by the Black Diamond Railroad. Other than a landing New York of the Pacific had no importance.  Although in later years an attempt was made to establish a salmon canning industry there. It boasted of two of these establishments, the Pioneer and Black Diamond, both having their head offices in San Francisco.

The post office at this point was called Black Diamond, and was vicariously dubbed New York.

The Pioneer Cannery was the property of King, Morse and Company of San Francisco and was completed on January 2, 1882, on which date operations commenced. Employment was given to about one hundred persons during the packing season.

To learn more about Pittsburg please visit our museum and see all the old pictures we have. Also, you can read more about early Pittsburg.

Color illustration of the Pittsburg Post Dispatch building


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