Pittsburg Historical Society Announces Digital Transformation Project

The Pittsburg Historical Society is pleased to announce the launch of a multi-year Digital Transformation Project to digitize and catalog our permanent collection housed in the Pittsburg Historical Museum. The project affirms our commitment to the long-term preservation of our history for future generations and opening access to our collection online.

Pittsburg Museum Civic Dr

Founded in 1961, the Historical Society opened its first museum on Civic Drive. In 1996 the Historical Society outgrew the former Standard Oil employee clubhouse. In 2003, the museum relocated to a 10,750 sq ft building, home of the former Pittsburg Post Dispatch newspaper. Thanks to the generous contributions and donations from local businesses the community, our historical collection now fills the entire facility.

President, Denise Lawrie, and the Board of Directors approved the installation of the PastPerfect museum catalog system to manage and track our collection. Designed by museum professionals, PastPerfect is a cloud‑based collections management system used by over 11,000 museums worldwide. Once completed, the public will have online access to historical artifacts, photos, books, documents, films, logs, maps, videos, and more.

Highlights of the collection include historical artifacts from Native Americans, Rancho Los Medanos, Black Diamond Coal Mines, Nortonville, Commercial Fishing, Camp Stoneman, F.E. Booth Cannery, Columbia Steel, the Southern Pacific and Sante Fe Railroads, Pittsburg High School, and microfilm containing the Pittsburg Post Dispatch newspaper from 1930-1994.

Today’s announcement underscores the Pittsburg Historical Society’s mission to collect, preserve, exhibit, educate, and nourish the human spirit by preserving the past. Thanks to rapid advancements and affordability in technology, we’re able to focus our efforts on building a sustainable future, reaching a wider audience online, and remaining relevant to future generations in a digital world.

The project is being spearheaded by newly appointed board member, John Enea. A Pittsburg native, Mr. Enea brings to the organization a diverse background in Information Technology, digital transformation, and operations. First Vice-President and historian, Vince Ferrante, will play an integral role in ensuring the historical accuracy and completeness of catalog records.

Online public access to the museum’s catalog is targeted for 2023. We are actively seeking sponsors, grants, and donations to offset costs for computers, scanners, software, professional digitization services, and other materials.

Color illustration of the Pittsburg Post Dispatch building


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